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This rune is associated with cattle and tangible things. Therefore, in fortunetelling it's interpreted as property or luxury. It is used in any field, however, it has a strong connection to the material values. Hence, it should only be interpreted as a tangible good or an event and not a spiritual state of a person.

Many runes experts associate Fehu to the name of Loki, thus, considering Fehu to help develop quickwittedness, far-sightedness and dexterity. Its name is also connected to the name of Freia, the Goddess of Love, so Fehu helps in the sphere of romantic relationships.

It signifies the original and intractable Fire. It contains the energy of 'The Colossal Storm' and flaring lightning in the wild. This is the birth of a being at the highest level. The energy of this rune is absolutely uncontrollable and is implemented in performing magical rites, aimed at rapid changes.

The rune can be used for:
1. Speeding up the decision making process and solving of some issues. For this purpose use it after the theme runes in your runescript.
2. Increasing wealth and acquiring financial success.
3. Protection and safety of the property.
4. Transmitting the energy to another person.
This rune is associated with an unbridled bull. It represents a force that is capable of moving in the direction you want it to. The major goal of this rune's effect is to 'handle' the force and make it work in your favor, regardless from the type of this force - emotional, physical, the force of random events, the force of Superior destination. Above all that, Uruz symbolizes the mythological cow Audumble - the very first cattle animal to start to benefit the man. Uruz is also a rune of enthusiasm, profound sympathy, grace, benevolence, bright and pure love.

This is also a rune of change. It is the creative power. Use it whenever you need to speed up the resolution of any issues. A rune of energy of existence and power, it can be used in all types of healing magic. Use it as a supplementary force for helping a delicate or incurable patient.

The rune can be used for:
1. Attracting beneficial events to your life.
2. Creating a powerful and strong-willed initiative for new circumstances to emerge.
3. Curing severely ill patients and preserving good physical health.
"This rune has been historically associated with Thor the Thunderer, who contributes to the appearance of an active destructive force, as well as a protective force, because Thor is the defender of Mitgard. This is, perhaps, the most powerful symbol. It is used as an impulse, a catalyzer of some particular events, helps to eliminate the negative consequences and and establish a new course of events, and also possesses outstanding protective qualities. Under the effect of Thurisaz a gradual change of the situation occurs: all the obsolete and useless things fade away and room for new things is made. Those new things start being built, as the power of the rune protects it during the construction process and after that.

This is a well-targeted protection from space. It signifies Mjolnir, or the Thor's Hammer. It is the true freedom of will, which is not influenced by the mind in any way. It is a pronounced way of applying the force. This rune is most effective in combination with such runes as Fehu, Kenaz, Sigel, Wunjo and Beorc. The power of Thurisaz helps to properly control the energy of these runes. Use it when you need some additional support to begin acting.

The rune can be used for:
1. Starting a new activity.
2. Attracting luck and success or regaining control over the situation.
3. Protecting your interests.
4. Weakening the ill-wishers or taking measures.
5. Speeding things up in the love life.

In some of its properties the Thurisaz rune resembles Uruz a lot, however, there is no surprise, as Thurisaz is the logical continuation of Uruz, its additional measure of protection."
The action of this rune aims at acquiring experience, using information and creative inspiration. In the informational field it deals with news, knowledge, study and self-perfection; in the field of inspiration - with helping writers, poets and people of other creative professions. The history of the runes is closely connected to some of the gods: the god of wisdom Odin, the wisest giant, guarding the spring of wisdom, Mimir, the wisest midget Quasir.

Actual rune also influences all types of contacts, impacts poetry, singing, passing tests and exams, interviews; it is good for magical spells and solving communication issues.

The rune can be used for:
1. Public speaking, making a well reasoned and pleasant-sounding speech.
2. Acquiring experience and expertise.
3. Successfully passing exams and self-confidence.
4. An effective magical energy to emerge.
This rune determines the Path of a person and everything that concerns him. It is multifaceted for perception. On the one hand, it characterizes a path as, literally, a movement in space or a road, and, on the other hand, four cardinal points and their combinations, all types of paths, and also a compass. Moreover, Raido makes the path through time or the time flow during some event more docile. That is the reason why Raido is used for initialization, guarding or increasing the speed of development of some occurrence. Another essence of the rune is travelling from one world to another and all kinds of meditation. But it is not only a rune of path, but it also subjects the cosmic laws of Justice and Order. Therefore, it is used for solving cases in court, for example, restoration of Justice for innocent people, who are being charged.

The rune can be used for:
1. Seeking Justice in different matters.
2. Successful and safe deals.
Actual rune possesses very powerful positive energy. It resembles Fire, however, not the fire that burns everything down, but the pacifying, warming and creative one. The rune also signifies the inner glow of a human soul, power and energy, and even man's thoughts. Kenaz defines other individual's inner capacities - his or her creative skills, emotional sphere, spirituality and other qualities. This rune can be used for revealing hidden from the eyes of the others talents and competencies and for them to influence the person and everything around him. The rune interacts with the flaming world of Muspelheim and is another rune of Fire, which differs from Fehu, being a lighter and more obedient form of Fire. It helps to develop will power and creative skills. It is a rune for creative people; it influences the events that are connected to creative issues that are very important to those people while composing the runescript. Kenaz also impacts the technique of conducting the magical rites. It causes flaming passion and arouses sexual appetite (in a good, fiery sense).

The rune can be used for:
1. Enhancing the power of any runescript.
2. Curing patients, strengthening physical health.
3. Attracting love, affection, fidelity and passionate relationship.
4. Stimulating the occurrence of something new.
5. Guarding something important to you.
A fairly powerful rune. Represents one of the most powerful symbols of Futark. It is based on the unity of essences: cooperation and partnership, friendship, love and affection are its most common interpretations on the surface. More profound meanings would be the man and the woman, Yin and Yang, The Sun and The Moon, Earth and Sky and other reciprocal essences. However it should not necessarily be the unity of just two components, Gebo is capable of consolidating a larger number of substances. Along with that, its meaning is the very harmony of two principles.

Actual rune symbolizes partnership in any form in life. It is capable of combining the energies of several people in order to give them a much bigger strength than the strengths of each individual taken together. It is the main symbol of sex magic.

The rune can be used for:
1. Love and sex magic rites.
2. Improving the magical powers.
3. Establishing a strong connection, cooperation and partnership.
4. Maintaining the mental and physical harmony.
This is a rune that brings light, joy and happiness. It symbolizes satisfaction from completed duties, successful ending of something, overcoming a crisis or plain spiritual joy. It is also a symbol of friendship and any other type of pleasant relationship, and a symbol of creativity. It signifies a happy ending and the solution to all problems. In most cases it is used as a finished catalyzer of happiness and success.

The rune can be used for:
1. Complete satisfaction in any activity, especially, in love life or career.
2. Successful trips.
This is the first of the Three Great Runes of defiance that symbolize negative circumstances - Wreck (Epidemic), Need (Famine) and Stagnation (Death). It is an exceptionally complicated and hard-to-explain rune. On one hand it symbolizes wreck, failure, troubles, problems on the other hand - nuisance and rueful feelings about solving those problems. This rune helps a man not only to overcome those circumstances with minimal losses, but also get a lesson out of the situation. The same runes are occasionally used to harm someone. One should be extremely attentive and careful while using them, as these runes have different, even opposing meanings. There are some considerable distinctions in the meaning of this rune in magical rites and fortunetelling. In magic it symbolizes evolution in certain limits, which helps to achieve safety and impossibility for negative energy to invade your life. In fortune telling, however, it symbolizes obstacles and delay of different sorts, which bring disappointment.

The rune can be used for:
1. Protection and safety.
2. Attracting luck in certain affairs.
3. Getting help with achieving good results in certain limits.
One of the runes of Coercion. It helps to realize that if hard times begin in life, everything is upside down and you find yourself unable to concentrate and do a simple thing, you have two options: stay idle and complain about the situation or wake your powers, find your inner reserves and start acting, overcoming all the obstacles on your way. Naud will definitely be helpful in this occasion.

This rune has two interpretations, and you should keep this fact in mind while composing your runescript. On one hand, it symbolizes the need, on the other hand, helps to get rid of it. By intentionally using this symbol, every man can impact his or her destiny in a way of comprehending wisdom and acquiring knowledge. In the Icelandic love magic this rune is one of the most powerful ones; it influences the process of forming of the basic needs and desires that accelerate the quest for a partner.

It reveals the past, present and future and symbolizes Norn, Urd, Vernandi and Skuld. They shape destiny, and Naud help to tell the problems made up by the man himself due to the lazyness of his personality from the real ones. It is recommended to pay particular attention to the rune's tracing - the diagonal line cannot be drawn in the middle of the vertical.

The rune can be used for:
1. Getting rid of problems and needs.
2. Getting help in achieving goals.
3. Protection.
4. Finding a partner in love magic.
5. Getting help in any fresh starts.
Signifies Cold and Ice. First of all, this symbol relates to Niffleheim, the realm of fog and frosts, where only Snow Trolls could survive. It also represents polar regions with permafrost and snow-covered surface. In fortunetelling the rune symbolizes stability and static state. But this ice, especially on the sea surface, can be broken by a vessel. That's why Isa also signifies some sort of resistance of various powers that neither harm, nor help. It resembles a road hump that isn't going anywhere, doesn't do much, but stops us from moving at a comfortable pace. Another meaning of it is improvement of the situation, managing some conflict and pacification. In this interpretation Isa is the most positive Rune of Defiance, which also gives wisdom acquired in tranquility. Its negative feature, along with static resistance, is neutralization. It is used for taking an opportunity to harm from an ill-wisher and tying his hands. All these effects reflect its dark aspect. This rune also signifies the 'ego' symbol.

The rune can be used for:
1. Leave the circumstances the way they are.
2. Reinforcing the will power.
3. Neutralizing of unwanted actions and circumstances.
This is the rune of agriculture magic and farming. It represents two principles: 1) there is a time and a place for everything; and 2) reap the fruits of your actions. The impact of the first principle is that Jera helps the occurrence of various events and actions, but only in case they are physically possible and fair. For example, this rune can't make the sun come out at night. The other principle represents the harmony between man's labor and the results of his labor that is created by Jera. The usage of this symbol helps to compensate the work, but only to the adequate extent.

It is also the rune of crops and prizes, given at a particular moment in life. It is responsible for different juridical issues and becomes helpful in legal cases.

The rune can be used for:
1. Getting a particular result from invested money, time and effort.
2. Getting help in accomplishing the intended.
3. Solving some legal issues.
4. Getting a bonus that would improve the financial situation.
This is the strongest rune of protection and problem solving. It symbolizes a yew-tree - The World's Ash tree. Its main feature is the harmony of earth and sky, or, to be more precise, the harmony of all the nine universes. Iggdrasil is something that doesn't allow the world to collapse when it ends along with the Final Battle and a new world comes. In practice, Eihwaz unites good and evil, life and death, because the roots of the Ash tree are in Hel and its canopy - in Azgard.

As Iggdrasil is covered in mystery, this rune won't stop to be relevant. Besides, Eihwaz benefits to strengthening connections and relationships.

The rune can be used for:
1. Protection.
2. Power growth.
3. Overcoming obstacles and troubles.
This is the rune of Initiation in the truest sense of the word. It is used during magical rites and leads to complete chaos. On one hand, it helps to find the hidden things and gives a man an opportunity to get to another world for a quest. On the other hand, this transgression may be very hard; in this context Perth resembles Hagalaz. Even after entering it the man may not return. This rune resembles the rainbow that marks the path to Azgard; it offers knowledge, however, there is a possibility of being burnt during the transgression and not being able to come back. It also resembles he Bridge to Hel - the passage to another world: there is a chance to get stuck there and suffer in this world. These two bridges are protected by Heimdall and Modgud, a female giant, who are connected to the rune Perth. This rune symbolizes time and change. It rules secrets, hidden things and also interacts with Karmic energies.

The rune can be used for:
1. Conducting your magical experiment.
2. Successful investments or stock trading sessions.
3. Searching for lost belongings.
4. Helping in a healing process or maintaining a good mental health.
This is a protective rune. It differs from Isa in its active protection, because not only a protective layer is created, but some certain protective actions are executed by the user. This rune is also called the rune of animal protection and represents the animal kingdom. There are two graphical representations of this rune: either some large animal with horns (the horns mostly symbolize protection), or a man with his hands up asking gods for help. Therefore, the rune also signifies a cry for help and divine protection (however this interpretation is rarely mentioned). In most cases, the rune was carved in weapons in order to guarantee a victory and safety in battle. As its shape looks like a pose of a man, asking gods for help or receiving a charge of divine energy, it is also associated with a bridge from rich people to poor.

The rune can be used for:
1. Protection from foes and enemies.
2. Protection from evil forces.
3. Making friends.
4. Improving luck and increasing the level of life energy.
This is one of the most powerful energy runes. This rune symbolizes the divine fire - not only the sun, but also lightnings falling from the sky and the power of creativity, inspiration and true clarification that is given to the chosen ones by the Aces. The name Sowulo is almost directly connected to Sul riding a chariot, lighting the Earth and driving out all the dark and evil. The sunlight generated by this rune doesn't burn and impacts the events only in a good way. It is frequently used in magic in order to control the power of Eril and use its power without negative consequences. Unlike Kenaz (Fire), which could be used by you, Sowulo is absolutely uncontrollable and doesn't depend on man's wishes. It is a rune of will and spiritual energy that directs everybody to the quest for the truth, and it is also a rune of success.

The rune can be used for:
1. Achieving victory and success.
2. Curing patients.
3. Acquiring the necessary strength and self-confidence.
This is the rune of the Ace of war Tyre. He doesn't possess the same power as Thor, for instance, but is associated with the strength of an army, control and strategy. Besides, Tyre is, at the same time, the Ace of Law and Justice. This combination shouldn't be considered controversial, because the Vikings thought of a war as of a way of maintaining order, celebration of victory and justice. It is the rune of a victory in an honorable battle; it is considered a man's rune, mostly: provides support for warriors, generals, rulers and even dictators. In the armies the Vikings depicted the Teiwaz rune on their swords in order to bring home a victory and the Algiz rune on their shields for active protection. Thus, the usage of the runes Teiwaz and Algiz was one of the elements of the battle magic. It can be useful in a sport or intellectual competition. This rune also signifies a fight for the principles. Observance of laws, both earthly and heavenly, is affected by Teiwaz.

This is the rune of lawful powerfulness, it must be present in the runescript if you were unfairly deprived of something or some unfair charges were pressed against you. It shows the spirit of a warrior, a challenge in a fight and the absence of fear.

The rune can be used for:
1. Getting a victory.
2. Successful outcome of any competition.
3. Quick recovery.
4. As a symbol of a passionate man in love magic.
This is a rune that symbolizes the female principle. It is associated with the Earth and a protective force. It is another protective rune but different from Isa, which freezes the situation and gives a motionless protection, and Algiz, which requires a lot of action. Bercana is, for instance, the protection of a young tree planted in a forest. Its growth is protected by this action that resembles the effect of this rune; neither the effort of the tree, nor the end of its growth is required. It is the sign of the Great Mother and, basically, the main rune of fertility. It also covers and guards, represents the controlling force of all the protective constructions and buildings: houses, temples, etc. It works really well in a runescript for achieving harmony, peace and protection of the family hearth. In a runescript it is represented as a subtle and thoughtful young woman.

The rune can be used for:
1. Improving fertility.
2. All kinds of protection.
3. Solving family issues.
4. Bringing to life various ideas and concepts.
5. Attracting a certain type of women in the runescript.
This rune represents two principles - progress and communication. The first principle very much resembles the Raido rune, however, if Raido is associated with a rolling carriage, Ehwaz is the horses that make it roll. It is important to understand that the Vikings used to put two animals in a carriage, hence the second principle of the rune's meaning - the horses must not only move but move together. The communication principle is based, first of all, on trust and equality. Besides, as well as the Raido rune, Ehwaz can mean not only the travel of the physical body, but also meditations (the travel of our soul).

It is also a symbol of rapid changes; it is perfectly suitable for starting new risky projects. Use Ehwaz right after the theme runes in your runescript for triggering a change.

The rune can be used for:
1. Conducting some changes immediately.
2. Guranteeing a safe trip.
This rune is the symbol of man. While Teiwaz is primarily a men's rune, Bercana is primarily women's, Ehwaz is the rune for two or more people, Mannaz is the rune for absolutely any human being. In contains everything that is proper for a human being - willpower, thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions, intensions, etc. There are also some other associations variations - Mannaz is considered to be the rune of the human Spirit, everything eternal that there is in a man, perhaps even man's soul. On the other hand, the Mannaz rune is not responsible for dividing people into men and women, so, in a way, it is the rune of perfection. Finally, many people think that Mannaz is the rune of initiation and the initiated ones, as well as purification and clarification; it is the symbol of all the humanity. This rune is often used when someone's help is needed. It is also associated with the power of a rational mind.

The rune can be used for:
1. Employ other people's help.
2. Developing your memory and intellectual skills.
This is one of the women's runes. Unlike the Bercana rune, which is the mother's rune, Laguz relates to the female magic and the role of a woman in the world. This rune is also based on two principles. First of all, it stands for everything that is connected with feelings and developing an empiric perception of the reality. This sphere includes intuition, psychology and occult sciences. The meaning of the second principle closely interacts with the element of this rune (which is, obviously, water) and represents a stream that forms the events.

It is also the rune of intuition, imagination and a women's rune, but, unlike Beorc, it is associated with a strong and energetic woman.

The rune can be used for:
1. Establishing a contact and developing your intellectual skills.
2. Increasing and saving energy and life powers (especially, for women).
3. Helping in accumulating energy and using it according to your priorities.
This is the rune of wealth, crop harvesting and achieving the result from our actions. The name Inguz directly relates to Freir, who is considered the god of summer, crop and love. Inguz forms part of the most favorable runes that associate with success in, practically, any activity. It is the rune of an active farmer. It is also associated with Mother Earth's husband and considered the symbol of fertility. This rune is often used in the last slot of the runescript in order to initiate a successful ending. This is a very positive rune.

The rune can be used for:
1. Improving fertility.
2. Sudden release of energy.
3. Ending something with a positive result.
4. Fixating the result of a runescript, so that all the merits of it would never end.
This is another men's rune associated with the Father of the Family. It represents man's home, the memory of the generations, the land that had been possessed by the family for a long time, etc. This rune brings the man closer to his roots by providing him with a connection with his home, which gives him the wisdom of past generations. This rune also represents family's property, its traditions, heritage and other things. Therefore, its usage is closely connected to the affairs that were inherited from our ancestors. Also Odal is associated with forming brotherhoods, both magical and ordinary. In this context Odal becomes the common father of the members. This symbol positively affects man's living position.

The rune can be used for:
1. Attracting cash inflows (in a combination with Fehu).
2. Enhancing the health of elder people.
3. Protecting the property.
This is a very interesting rune of transformational harmony and stagnation that filters all the negative moments by making some room for light. Apart from this, Dagaz makes sure that the room made this way filled with light with minimal pain and maximal speed - that is its transformational role. But once the bright have happened, Dagaz makes sure that the favorable situation stayed unchanged for as much time as possible. Thus, Dagaz not only helps to reach a bright period in life, but also to make this period quite long. Also, Dagaz is the symbol of life. It is the rune of a new day. It symbolizes all the new projects and start-ups.

The rune can be used for:
1. Assuring financial growth (in a combination with Fehu).
2. Influencing your own or someone else's living position.
3. Starting new projects, actions and processes.